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The Sir David Attenborough viewed from a speedboat off the shore of east Scotland.

Sir David Attenborough: How polar ship will help scientists study climate change

Later this year, a state-of-the-art UK polar research ship – equipped with aquariums, a “moon pool” and 14 different laboratories – will sail... Read More

Antarctic | Jul 7. 2023.
View of Larcen C

Guest post: Ranking the reasons why the Larsen C ice shelf is melting

Scientists know the surface of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica is melting, making it vulnerable to collapse. For the first time, we can rank the... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 14. 2022.
Small island in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, with pack ice in the foreground

Guest post: Deciphering the rise and fall of Antarctic sea ice extent

The sharp decline in Arctic sea ice over recent decades has become one of the most enduring images of the Earth’s warming climate. Yet, at the same... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 29. 2021.

Guest post: Overshooting 2C risks rapid and unstoppable sea level rise from Antarctica

In 2015, governments from across the world committed to the Paris Agreement and its goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C or 2C. Yet, the emissions... Read More

Guest posts | May 5. 2021.
Shackleton ice shelf, Antarctica

Guest post: The fate of Antarctic ice shelves at 1.5C, 2C and 4C of warming

Antarctica’s ice shelves – the floating tongues of ice formed where the ice sheet meets the ocean – are especially useful indicators of a warmi... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 8. 2021.

Guest post: Identifying three ‘tipping points’ in Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier

Antarctica may seem far away for most of us, yet this remote continent contains enough ice to raise sea levels around the world by tens of metres. It... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 6. 2021.
The geodesic dome exterior which covers essential buildings, US Amundsen Scott South Pole Station, South Pole.

South pole warmed ‘three times faster’ than global average over past 30 years

The world’s southernmost weather station has seen record-high temperatures over the past three decades, a new study says. The Amundsen-Scott sta... Read More

Antarctic | Jun 29. 2020.
Satellite image of Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica. Credit: NG Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

Guest post: How close is the West Antarctic ice sheet to a ‘tipping point’?

Between its east and west ice sheets and its peninsula, Antarctica holds enough ice to raise global sea levels by around 60m. The West Antarctic ... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 14. 2020.
Autumn leaves. Credit: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / Alamy Stock Photo. G8MN0T

State of the climate: Low sea ice and near-record warmth define 2019 to date

This year is shaping up to be the second warmest on record for most surface temperature datasets, behind only the super-El Niño year of 2016. This is... Read More

State of the climate | Oct 16. 2019.
Arctic sea ice. Credit: Rowan Romeyn / Alamy Stock Photo. F7AKDM

Arctic sea ice winter peak in 2019 is seventh lowest on record

Arctic sea ice has reached its maximum extent for the year, peaking at 14.78m square kilometres (sq km) on 13 March. It is the joint seventh smallest ... Read More

Sea ice | Mar 20. 2019.
Prof Jonathan Bamber, professor of glaciology at the University of Bristol. Credit: Carbon Brief.

The Carbon Brief Interview: Prof Jonathan Bamber

Prof Jonathan Bamber is a professor of glaciology at the University of Bristol and the current president of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). He w... Read More

Interviews | Feb 14. 2019.
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