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Food and farming


Rotted fruit dumped into a composter in Ontario, California in 2018. Image ID: R9FM98.

In-depth Q&A: What food waste means for climate change

Wasted food – if it were a country – would be the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, according to the UN’s Food and... Read More

Food and farming | Oct 3. 2023.
Veggie cutlet grilled for veg burger.

Halving reliance on meat and dairy could cut land-use emissions ‘by 31%’

Substituting half of animal products, such as pork, chicken, beef and milk, consumed globally with more sustainable alternatives could “almost full... Read More

Food and farming | Sep 12. 2023.
A woman with her grandchildren in a field at Shivpuri, Uttarakhand.

Migration: Ties to ‘home’ are key for Himalayan communities that stay despite climate risks

Having strong ties to home is the most frequently given reason why people continue to stay in Himalayan villages facing the impacts of climate change... Read More

Food and farming | Aug 3. 2023.
Broiler chickens in a hen house.

Revealed: Thousands of chickens in transit died from heat stress on day UK hit 40C

Almost 10,000 chickens died from heat stress en route to a slaughterhouse on the day UK temperatures hit 40C for the first time.  Soaring tem... Read More

Food and farming | Aug 2. 2023.
Withered corn crops are seen at Vipava valley in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, on 16 August 2022.

Guest post: Climate models underestimate food security risk from ‘compound’ extreme weather

Climate change poses a risk to global food security. Weather and climate extremes, such as prolonged drought, heavy rainfall and heatwaves, can le... Read More

Food and farming | Jul 5. 2023.
Commodity Profile: Coffee Hero Montage

Commodity Profile: Coffee

In the second of a new series explaining how key commodities are affected by and contribute to climate change, Carbon Brief looks at coffee – from ... Read More

Food and farming | May 11. 2023.
Women from Myanmar sort the fish in the port of Ranong before transporting them to Bangkok or Malaysia.

Climate change compounding inequalities faced by women in agriculture, FAO says

Women working in agriculture “tend to do so under highly unfavourable conditions” – often in the face of “climate-induced weather shocks and ... Read More

Food and farming | Apr 13. 2023.
Rotten apples on a compost heap on an allotment site

Food waste makes up ‘half’ of global food system emissions

Greenhouse gases resulting from rotted and otherwise wasted food accounts for around half of all global food system emissions, according to a new stu... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 13. 2023.
Applying nitrogen fertiliser to winter wheat.

Fertiliser emissions could be cut to ‘one-fifth of current levels’ by 2050

Fertiliser emissions could be reduced to approximately one-fifth of current levels by 2050 without the need for developing new technologies, a new st... Read More

Food and farming | Feb 9. 2023.
Elderly man hitting an olive tree during harvest season in Lebanon.

Climate change could make parts of Lebanon ‘too hot’ for producing olive oil

Olive trees in Lebanon – historically renowned for the high-quality olive oil they produce – are under threat from rising temperatures, new resea... Read More

Food and farming | Jan 26. 2023.
UN Biodiversity’s executive secretary Elizabeth Maruma Mrema and deputy secretary David Cooper, with Francis Ogwal and Basil Van Havre, WG2020 co-chairs.

Interactive: Who wants what at the COP15 biodiversity summit

Nearly 20,000 delegates from across the world will soon be arriving in Montreal for the second part of COP15, the much-delayed and much-anticipated U... Read More

Nature | Dec 2. 2022.
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