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Plants and forests


Man tapping rubber tree at night, Sakolnakhon, Thailand.

Rubber drives ‘at least twice’ as much deforestation as previously thought

The clearing of forests for growing rubber “has been substantially underestimated” in figures used to develop policy on deforestation, new resear... Read More

Plants and forests | Oct 18. 2023.
Rare orange jack o lantern mushroom (omphalotus olearius). Image ID: 2HM3AMB.

Kew report: Five key extinction risks facing the world’s plants and fungi

Scientists’ understanding of how climate change and habitat loss could drive plant and fungi extinctions is being hamstrung by knowledge gaps in ho... Read More

Plants and forests | Oct 10. 2023.
Dirt road through cattle pasture in an area recently cleared of forest, Brazil. Image ID: DYXMBY.

Drying of Amazon could be early warning of ‘tipping point’ for the rainforest

Recent drying over the Amazon could be the “first warning signal” that the rainforest is approaching a tipping point, new research says. The A... Read More

Plants and forests | Oct 4. 2023.
Amazon Rainforest at Sacha Lodge, Coca, Ecuador, South America.

Global warming could push tropical forest leaves past a ‘critical temperature’

Temperatures high enough to cause “irreversible damage” to a plant’s ability to photosynthesise are already impacting a small portion of tropic... Read More

Plants and forests | Aug 23. 2023.
A drone shot of a fire in the Amazon forest.

Fires could lock vast parts of the Amazon into ‘treeless state’

Human-ignited fires play a decisive role in shaping the Amazon’s future, potentially locking more than three-quarters of the rainforest into a “t... Read More

Plants and forests | Aug 2. 2023.
An ash tree in autumn against a blue sky in Scotland.

In-depth Q&A: How trees benefit nature, people and the climate 

Many countries rely on tree planting to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet future climate targets. Nature and trees have been hailed as... Read More

Plants and forests | Jul 5. 2023.
Woman planting new trees in a forest.

Helping 'climate-compatible trees' spread their seeds may benefit Europe’s forests

There will be a significant loss in the benefits that European forests provide for humans and nature this century, concludes new research.  H... Read More

Plants and forests | May 9. 2023.
A road leading through secondary forest in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Regrowth of degraded tropical forests offsets ‘a quarter’ of deforestation emissions

Recovering forests can offset around a quarter of the emissions generated from deforestation in humid tropical regions, according to a new study.&nbs... Read More

Plants and forests | Mar 15. 2023.
Aerial view of Amazon rainforest in Brazil, South America.

Tropical forests face ‘substantial carbon loss’ as humid areas contract

The reduction of humid regions in a warming climate could cause "substantial carbon loss" across the tropics by the end of the century, a new study f... Read More

Plants and forests | Feb 7. 2023.
Indigenous tribal leaders from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest gather in Paris.

Amazon’s least-deforested areas are due to ‘vital role’ of Indigenous peoples

Only 5% of net forest loss in the Brazilian Amazon occurs in Indigenous territories and protected areas – even though these areas contain more than... Read More

Plants and forests | Jan 27. 2023.
Forest canopy in the Maliau Basin, Malaysian Borneo.

Logged tropical forests are a ‘substantial’ carbon source for at least 10 years

Logged tropical forests are a net source of carbon emissions for at least one decade after being degraded, according to new research. Tropical for... Read More

Plants and forests | Jan 9. 2023.
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