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The Cane toad (Bufo marinus) in Queensland, Australia where it is an invasive species.

Q&A: Major global report reveals how climate, land use and trade drive ‘invasive species’

Invasive alien species are spreading around the world at “unprecedented and increasing rates”, according to a landmark new report from the Interg... Read More

Wildlife | Sep 7. 2023.
A hedgehog perches in front of a body of water.

Air-pollution monitors may hold ‘unnoticed’ wealth of biodiversity data

Environmental DNA – sometimes called “forensics for wildlife” – can be collected from the atmosphere using existing air-pollution monitors, a... Read More

Wildlife | Jun 5. 2023.

Polar bears and climate change: What does the science say?

The image of a polar bear stranded on melting sea ice is often used as a symbol of the world’s rapidly changing climate. Yet every now and again,�... Read More

Wildlife | Dec 8. 2022.
UN Biodiversity’s executive secretary Elizabeth Maruma Mrema and deputy secretary David Cooper, with Francis Ogwal and Basil Van Havre, WG2020 co-chairs.

Interactive: Who wants what at the COP15 biodiversity summit

Nearly 20,000 delegates from across the world will soon be arriving in Montreal for the second part of COP15, the much-delayed and much-anticipated U... Read More

Nature | Dec 2. 2022.
A malagasy farmer and her son on vanilla plantation near Sambava

Planting trees in tropical cropland could create ‘win-win’ for nature and farming

Planting trees across tropical farmland can help to restore biodiversity without sacrificing crop yields, a new study finds. The research examines... Read More

Food and farming | Aug 22. 2022.
Attendees chat during Nature Based Solutions Conference in Oxford

Nature-based solutions: How can they work for climate, biodiversity and people?

Experts gathered in Oxford this month to discuss how “nature-based solutions” can be used to tackle the twin threats of climate change and biodiv... Read More

Nature | Jul 11. 2022.

COP15: Key outcomes for nature loss and climate change from UN talks in Nairobi

With time running out for a “Paris-style” deal to reverse nature loss this decade, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) convened anoth... Read More

UN climate talks | Jun 29. 2022.
Mass of straw-coloured fruit bat Eidolon helvum in flight, Zambia

Climate change ‘already’ raising risk of virus spread between mammals

Mammals forced to move to cooler climes amid global warming are “already” spreading their viruses further – with “undoubtable” impacts for ... Read More

Wildlife | Apr 28. 2022.
Amazon rain forest clearance for agriculture in Brazil_

UN land report: Five key takeaways for climate change, food systems and nature loss

Humans have had an unprecedented impact on land – with vast consequences for climate change, food systems and biodiversity, a major new UN report c... Read More

Nature | Apr 27. 2022.
Coral bleaching in the Maldives, 2016_Ocean Agency_Ocean Image Bank

Last refuges for coral reefs to disappear above 1.5C of global warming, study finds

Last refuges for the world’s ailing coral reefs could vanish completely if global warming exceeds 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, a study finds. ... Read More

Ocean warming | Feb 1. 2022.
Red ruffed lemur in Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Climate change will hit ‘endemic’ plants and animals the hardest, study warns

Plants and animals that only live in one region – known as “endemic” species – are expected to be “consistently more adversely impacted” ... Read More

Nature | Apr 9. 2021.
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