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Close up of newly imported Chinese electric cars, awaiting UK distribution.

Factcheck: 21 misleading myths about electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) significantly cut lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions in almost all circumstances and are the key technology for decarbonising... Read More

UK policy | Oct 24. 2023.
A Los Angeles County fire truck attacks flames in Valyermo, California.

Factcheck: Scientists pour cold water on claims of ‘journal bias’ by author of wildfires study

A researcher who claimed his wildfire study was only published in a prominent journal because he “left out the full truth” has faced widespread c... Read More

Factchecks | Sep 8. 2023.
Liz Truss after being announced as Britain's next prime minister in London, September 5 2022. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo.

Factcheck: Why fracking is not the answer to the UK’s energy crisis

The UK’s new prime minister Liz Truss has used her first major policy address to announce an end to the moratorium on fracking in England. Annou... Read More

UK policy | Sep 9. 2022.
Wymeswold Solar Farm, the largest solar farm in the UK at 34 MWp, is based on an old disused second world war airfield, Leicestershire, UK. Image ID: DGHCKE. Credit: Ashley Cooper / Alamy Stock Photo.

Factcheck: Is solar power a ‘threat’ to UK farmland?

The “threat” posed to UK farms by the expansion of solar power has emerged as a campaign issue for the final two candidates in the race to become... Read More

Factchecks | Aug 25. 2022.
Rising water levels submerge a house as heavy monsoon rains cause major floods in Philippines

Factcheck: No, global warming has not ‘paused’ over the past eight years

A decade ago, many in the climate community were fixated on an apparent “pause” in rising global surface temperatures. So many studies were publi... Read More

Factchecks | Jul 14. 2022.
Oil platforms flaring in Brent Oil Field, North Sea

Factcheck: Can new UK oil and gas licences ever be ‘climate compatible’?

The UK made history in November 2021 by helping to secure the first mention of the need to tackle fossil fuels in a global climate agreement, at the ... Read More

Oil and gas | Feb 24. 2022.
The Nandi Devi mountain in Uttarakhand is the source of the Rishi river, which flooded this week

Factcheck: Did climate change contribute to India’s catastrophic ‘glacial flood’?

On Sunday 7 February, a sudden flood devastated a Himalayan valley in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. It tore through two hydroelectric dams, kil... Read More

Factchecks | Feb 9. 2021.
A remote control pointed to a smart tv showing a selection of on-demand video streaming services

Factcheck: What is the carbon footprint of streaming video on Netflix?

The use of streaming video is growing exponentially around the world. These services are associated with energy use and carbon emissions from devices... Read More

Factchecks | Feb 25. 2020.
A car transporter carries new Tesla Model 3 vehicles along the highway, California, US. Credit: Andrei Stanescu / Alamy Stock Photo. R6HR26

Factcheck: How electric vehicles help to tackle climate change

Update 7/2/2020: The lifecycle emissions figures were revised to reflect more recent data on electricity carbon intensity and battery manufacture. ... Read More

Factchecks | May 13. 2019.
Iceberg floating in ocean water of Smith Sound in the high arctic of Nunavut, Canada, mid summer.

Factcheck: Is 3-5C of Arctic warming now ‘locked in’?

Update – 22 March 2019: In response to this factcheck and feedback from other experts, both the UN Environment report and press release have been up... Read More

Factchecks | Mar 16. 2019.
Glaciologists measuring the rate of movement on the Kangerdlussuaq glacier, Greenland. Credit: Steve Morgan / Alamy Stock Photo. DFB4EE

Factcheck: What Greenland ice cores say about past and present climate change

A misleading graph purporting to show that past changes in Greenland’s temperatures dwarf modern climate change has been circling the internet sinc... Read More

Factchecks | Mar 5. 2019.
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