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Heavy public transport traffic and pedestrians on Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Guest post: How 120 of the world’s major cities could cut transport CO2 by 22%

Cities are often overlooked as being a major contributor to climate change. Yet their diversity has made it hard to assess how far they can cut their... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 6. 2023.
People repairing flood defence in a village in Bangladesh near the bay of Bengal.

Guest post: Three major gaps in climate-adaptation finance for developing countries

.shadeBg{ background: rgba(0,0,0,0.35); } Developing countries require hundreds of billions of dollars in investment every year to help them ada... Read More

International policy | Nov 2. 2023.
A fossil-fuelled power generating station in Denver, Colorado.

Guest post: Why all fossil fuels must decline rapidly to stay below 1.5C

With 151 countries, 257 cities and 969 companies having announced net-zero targets, it is clear that much of society now understands the need to achi... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 26. 2023.
New housing on the Cambridge Clay Farm Development in Trumpington.

Guest post: Fixing the gaps in England’s ‘biodiversity net-gain’ policy

England will soon introduce one of the world’s most ambitious biodiversity policies in “Biodiversity Net Gain”.  This policy effectivel... Read More

UK policy | Oct 25. 2023.
Landscape close to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Guest post: How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2023

The Greenland ice sheet melt season 2023 is now over and it completes a 27th year in a row in which Greenland has lost ice.  The 2022-23 year... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 17. 2023.
Two residential heat pumps buried in snow. Credit: Radu Sebastian / Alamy Stock Photo

Guest post: How heat pumps became a Nordic success story

A common criticism of heat pumps is that they do not work in cold weather. However, the Nordic region – particularly Sweden, Finland and Norway ... Read More

International policy | Oct 2. 2023.
Tunghsiao Power Plant, a gas fired power plant in Miaoli, Taiwan.

Guest post: Plans for new oil and gas power plants have grown by 13% in 2023

The global energy crisis, driven by surging gas prices, has decisively dented the prospects for the fuel’s future growth. As a result, the “go... Read More

International policy | Sep 20. 2023.
An aerial view of white mountains in Antarctica.

Guest post: Ice cores reveal Antarctica is warming twice as fast as global average

As the world heats up in response to human-caused carbon emissions, scientists expect that the Earth’s poles will experience the largest increases ... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 13. 2023.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Senegalese President Macky Sall at the opening of a photovoltaic plant in Diass on 22 May 2022.

Guest post: Behind the scenes at Senegal’s ‘just energy transition partnership’

In June, Senegal signed a “just energy transition partnership” (JETP) deal, establishing a goal to reach 40% renewable energy in the electricity ... Read More

International policy | Sep 6. 2023.
A snow gun stands on the periphery of the Kandahar ski slope in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Guest post: How climate change will hit snow levels across Europe’s ski resorts

The ski tourism industry plays a major role in the economies of many of Europe's mountain regions.  But declining snow cover as a result of c... Read More

Guest posts | Aug 28. 2023.
Volunteers planting spartina grasses at a wildlife refuge.

Guest post: Gauging the success of climate change adaptation

As the impacts of climate change materialise around the world, the importance of good adaptation becomes all the more pressing. Adaptation broadly... Read More

Guest posts | Aug 21. 2023.
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